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Great product!

I’ve been using the emptiness supplement for years when needed. It’s a lifesaver.

Thank you Amy for being our longtime VIP!
Great product!

This is a great product for resetting your gut and detoxing your system! I’d recommend this product to anyone looking to jumpstart their healthy digestion!

Thanks for taking the time Borah!

Great product, it really works!

Thanks Janine! We appreciate your feedback!
Product OK, but website didn't deliver promised discount

The product itself is great and works as advertised. I've been buying it for years and will continue to buy it for several more. However, I was promised a 20% discount, and received a message that I already had a discount code locked in. But when I checked out, a product that had cost me $47 in the past cost $53 instead. I wrote an email to Chakrafoods to ask why I was never actually issued the discount code and did not receive a response.

Thank you for your testimonial, and we want to make sure you get your discount! After typing in your email, please be sure to check your spam or promotions foldera for a follow up email to confirm your sign up! Once that is completed, the 20% coupon should be emailed to you right away!
Clean, fresh taste!

i love this brand. It makes me enjoy brushing my teeth because the ingredients are pure and and natural and i feel i am treating myself to a spa like experience where all senses come alive.

Thanks for such a detailed testimonial Tiffany! You're making us want to brush our teeth right now!
Going with ease!

I absolutely love the product and have highly recommended to friends and family.

Thanks for your kind feedback! We're so happy to hear your positive experience with Emptiness!
Wish I'd found this product sooner

I've been using Emptiness Detox on an as-needed basis for over five years now. This product allowed me to manage a lifelong digestive issue without the use of drugs or harsh herbal treatments. I only wish I had found it sooner. Not only has it normalized my elimination, but a great bonus is the increased health and suppleness of my skin. I recommended Emptiness to my son when he was struggling with digestive issues and he was delighted by the gentleness and effectiveness of the product, as well as the improvement in his skin.

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! We hope you are staying well and strong!

Emptiness Detox

Happy in La Conner, WA

love your products!

Thanks for taking the time Rosalinda! We hope you are staying well and strong!
Best product I’ve ever used!

I have unknown stomach problems and emptiness really helped me feel so much better!! I’m always constipated I haven’t pooped normal in years until I got this now I don’t dread going to the bathroom because I know it’s gonna feel good and not hurt me like before😭. This product was recommended to me by my boss and she used it for two month and got rid of parasites she didn’t know she had! This product is truly a blessing and I will forever gladly purchase this life changing product🧡

Thank you Aslin! So kind of you to leave us such a detailed review! Stay well and strong these next few months!


This stuff works! Gentle, but not too gentle. Worth doing a couple of times a year.

Thanks for taking the time Shannon! We hope you and your family are staying strong and healthy!
Amazing taste

What an enjoyable toothpaste! I love it!

The best cleanse of my life.

Omg, Emptiness literally saved my life! I will never live without it. So good!