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Thank You Letter (from Chamsil), handwritten. 

I’m not very good at expressing myself through writing, but I really really admire you wholeheartedly. Thank you for liberating me from so much pain, and for giving me the hope to live. Thank you for helping me have the vision of hope during a time when I was afraid of the night, didn’t have appetite, and was in a painful situation when hope could have disappeared.

Master Lee, you must be delighted to know that you help everyone you meet amplify their 10 faint lights into a 100 very bright lights. How happy you must be to help people smile wide again.

But many people don’t consider your pains and are only able to consider their pain as the biggest. Master Lee, your work must be rewarding, but there are times when you face challenges too right? Thank you so much.

Straight toward the place Biomaul told me!

If there’s anything I learned through a long time with this illness, it is that there is no silver bullet treatment that will cure a disease once and for all. Nothing can liberate humans completely from the pain of illness. That such a thing would be what we call the work of the gods. But what we shouldn’t forget is that “I” have the responsibility to do everything in my power to help the healing process. This is why I am so grateful for Master Lee, for making up for the many mistakes that I made in taking care of my own health, and for being a big reason why I am still here alive.

Uploading my infinite gratitude.

A happy new year to Master Lee, and may 2015 be a year where you will shine brightly like the Sun. It’s been 6 years since I begged Ms. Park on Friday, November 14th of 2008 so that I could finally meet Master Lee after his seminar. I am so thankful as I reminisce about that time. I am bowing my head in gratitude to Master Lee.

Now with the newfound courage and knowledge from Master Lee, I am living with the most positive intent while carefully selecting foods that help for the elimination of toxins from my body. Thank you. -Koo Jin Bong.

Greatest Cleanse

It’s already been four years since I met Master Lee. I used to be very sensitive to food, didn’t want to eat out, and had diarrhea due to the smallest bit of stress, but it’s been improving very much since taking Master Lee's herbs. I think it must have been a big stroke of luck to have found the retreat and Master Lee. Thank you for keeping the retreat going.. Have a great holidays~~~^^