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How long can I use Emptiness?

Emptiness can be used to fit your personal health goals. For the release of the deepest toxins and most thorough cleanse, we recommend using Emptiness daily for one month at a time. For a more casual program to optimize your digestive health, we recommend using it 7 days per month.

Can I use it daily?

Yes. Because Emptiness is made exclusively from foods like sea kelp, cacao, and bitter melon, we like to think of each packet as a huge plate of fermented salad - rich with superfoods, prebiotics, and enzymes. Although the number of packets you need may decrease to one per day or one every few days, Emptiness can be used daily to maintain the highest level of colon health and the benefits that come with a clean system - more energy, stronger immune system, and well-hydrated, glowing skin.

How many packets a day is optimal?

Although every body is different, we find that most adults over the age of 18 see best results when taking two packets per day. Because it is a gentle, food formula, the daily dosages can be changed flexibly to fit the user’s needs. For example, you might start with just one packet a day for extra sensitive intestines. On the other hand, for severe constipation, one might use up to three packets a day.

Is it a laxative?

No. Originally formulated for cancer patients in Korea, Emptiness does not use any laxative herbs that cause discomfort or have a purging effect.

Will it make me go to the bathroom right away?

No. Because we use food-grade herbs that tone, moisturize, and re-balance the colon’s innate function, Emptiness simply helps you cleanse more completely at your body natural time of elimination.

Will it make me use the bathroom all day?

No. After the fantastic morning poop, you will be free and clear all day.

Does it have any side-effects?

No. Made exclusively from gentle foods to detoxify cancer patients in Korea, Emptiness does not have any side-effects. Just as a precaution, please do make sure that you don’t have any allergies to any of our ingredients.

Can I eat my normal diet while using Emptiness?

Yes, we highly recommend it! There are no dietary restrictions or fasting required in order to benefit from Emptiness.

Can I chew the granules?

Yes. The only reason we recommend not chewing them is because the fibers may get caught between the teeth and cause inconvenience. But if you normally have trouble swallow large pills, please chew the granules thoroughly before swallowing with water.

Why is it so bitter tasting?

The bitter taste of the granules comes mainly from bitter melon, which is a vegetable used in India and East Asia to treat diabetes patients. Despite its bitter taste, it is known to significantly lessen appetite, sugar cravings and carb cravings.

Is it vegan?

Yes. There are no animal products in Emptiness.

Is it gluten free?

Yes. Emptiness is completely gluten free.

Will Emptiness help with my constipation?

Yes. If you have mild to severe constipation, Emptiness will be forever life-changing. Not only does Emptiness enable regularity, it makes every morning poop the most satisfying elimination ever.

What makes Emptiness better than other cleanses?

Most cleanses fall into two categories: generic fibers (like raw psyllium husk) or harsh laxatives (like senna teas). While fibers bulk up stool by absorbing the water, if the colon is under stress and does not have the strength to push all bulk out, you often end up with no results, or even worse, more constipation. On the other hand, laxative teas work by harshly stimulating the colon to unnaturally (and unpredictably) purge the colon, which leads to dependency and having to stay near the bathroom all the time. In Emptiness, you will find a truly life-changing formula that addresses the root cause of constipation by gently increasing the colon’s motility while soothing and lubricating the inflamed lining. This results in the most natural, easy, and consistent morning poops for everyone!