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Is it safe for children to take it?

Yes. Made with high-enzyme fruits and vegetables, Digest + Soothe is safe for all ages. Just be sure to refer to the ingredients list before using to check for allergies, and that they chew the tasty granules very finely before swallowing.

How it is different from taking digestive enzymes?

No. Digest + Soothe is a combination of the best digestive herbs from the history of Korean nutrition. Rather than isolated enzymes, our combination of whole foods are more naturally welcomed by the body. 

How many packets a day can I take?

You can take a packet with each meal because the ingredients are all food-grade herbs.

Can I use it every day?

Yes. In the same way that we might seek out fruits and vegetables that help us digest foods every day.

Is it better to take before or after a big meal?

Before is slightly better, but if you forget to, right after a meal is great too.

Can I use water to swallow the granules?

Yes. Although it is better to swallow the melted granules without water to maximize absorption, you may use a little bit of water if the granules get too dry.

Does it have any other benefits?

Digest + Soothe is also good for relieving nausea and stomach aches.

How come it tastes so good?

The pleasantly sweet taste of Digest + Soothe comes from the kiwi fruit, citrus peel, longan fruit (a southeast Asian fruit similar in taste to lychee), and ginger.